Yoga & Relaxation

Most mornings Yoga is available with our master Yoga Instructor (Yogini) Anna on the grass in front of the Villa Europa.

Yoga has been leading people to a healthier and fullfilled life since about 3000 BC andit can be practiced by all. Classes are conducted using the Sivananda Hatha Yoga Method and focus is on Asanas (poses) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). Asanas and Pranayama are tools forgaining control of your mind and prana (life force). They help facilitate self awareness. This is the aim of Yoga - to know your true self.

We have a beginners course which consists of two classes run over a week.

Take a class and your body will Thank You.

Azogires; The Village of the Holy Fathers


  • The Monastery of the Holy Fathers and its Museum.
  • The Holy Fathers Caves (a further 2 kms along the hillside) inhabited 700 years ago. The rare evergreen Plane Tree said to be the reincarnation of the Martyred Preists.
  • Olive Oil Factory
  • Beautiful Waterfall.

Distance: 6kms from Paleochora

Time: 2 hours walking uphill

How to get there: Car, Bus or Walk. Follow the road out of Paleochora for Chania for 2 kms, turn right at the signs to Azogires.

Anidri Gorge


  • Old School house converted to a restaurant
  • Saint George Chapel
  • Stoney beach with umbrellas and kiosk


  • Paleochora - Anidri Beach 3.5kms (Coastal Road)
  • Anidri Village 6.2kms (Inland Road)
  • Anidri Gorge to Anidri Village 3.5kms (Goat Track Uphill)

Time: 4 hours round trip

How to get there:

Choose between either coastal or inland roads after following the signs out of Paleochora past the camping grounds.


Walk or Boat


  • Paleochora - Krios Beach (Kondurra) 8km
  • Krios - Elafonissi 10kms

Time: 5-6 hours each way

How to get there:

  1. Follow the road to the next village Kondurra until you reach Krios Beach or take a car or taxi to this point.
  2. Head inland following the marked walk -E4- in BLACK AND YELLOW PAINT.
  3. Follow the route passing the Chapel of Agios Loannis and keep following the markers and signs until you reach the famous tropical lagoon of Elafonissi with its pink coloured sands.
  4. The Monastery Chrissoskalitissas looks above this beach about 10kms inland.


Distance: 50 kms

Time: 1.5 hours

How to get there:

  1. Take the road to Hania.
  2. After a short while (15-20 minutes) you will reach a village called Plemenania. Here you will see a sign indicating Elafonisi .Follow the direction by turning left.
  3. Follow the windy road until you see a junction .Go in the direction of the village Strovles. As you proceed you will cross a bridge, continue on to the village of Elos – a beautiful village and valley of Chestnut and Olive trees.
  4. Then head for the villages Louhi followed by Kefali .Look for the sign in Greek for Elafonisi – EΛΑΦΟΝΗΣΙ .It is a sharp turn to the left
  5. Pass the villages Vathi and Plokomaniana
  6. As you continue the sea will come into view. If you want to see the Monastery Chrissoskalitissa then you will need to follow the turn off where indicated before the Elafonisi village.
  7. The beach has a huge car park. You need to walk a short distance to enjoy its beauty.
  8. To return another way retrace your way back through all the villages until Strovles. From here take the road to Voutas and follow signs back to Paleochora.


Via Lissos Walk

Distance: 16 kms


  • 6 Hours to Sougia
  • 4.5 Hours to Lissos

How to get there:

  1. Head out of Paleochora in the direction of Gianniskari and Anidri beaches. Follow the E4 route (yellow and black markings) marked along the coast; it will take you over the cape.
  2. On the way you will pass Lissos, an archaeological site with mosaic ruins of the Temple of Asklipios, stop here to try the healing water from the spring. Visit the church of the Virgin Mary and swim in the beautiful bay.
  3. Continue another 4 kms to reach Sougia Village for a delightful range of tavernas and shops.

By Car

Distance: 50 kms

Time: 1.5 hours one way

How to get there:

Take the road out of Paleochora heading for Chania, after 2 kms turn right at the sign for Azogires/Sougia follow the road through passing villages along the way until you reach a fork in the road at the village of Temenia, turn right almost 360 degrees at the junction. Then follow the road signs for Sougia.


A great drive to experience all the different terrains of Crete; mountains, forest and coastal. Sougia itself has many restaurants and shops to visit, the Sougia Gorge up to Lissos is also a recommended walk. There are beautiful beaches within an hours walk from the village.

Horse Riding

Experience the incredible and unique beauty of Paleochora from the back of a horse. 

Riding lessons are also offered for those who want to start their riding education. Beginners can book one or more lessons with a gentle and willing temperament horses.

For advanced and experienced riders are offered 3 different riding routes through the countryside, the village and along the coast.

Visit for more information.