Master Yoga Teach Anne Delakis


Hello I am Anne Delakis - Master Yoga Teacher.

Living and working in the hotel business for the past 30 years can create a lot of stress .I discovered yoga  20 years ago and am happy to pass on the secrets it can give to help cope with our western style of living.

Yoga is a very old method of treatment created 1,000‘s of years ago in India by persons devoted to learning about the human condition. I was blessed to have been trained in the Sivananda Ashram in India after self study.

The course for beginners that is offered will involve breathing techniques; poses and lots of relaxation. If you stay a week it will be a good foundation to continue your learning when you get back home. If you are here two weeks this will solidify the poses and methods. After 3 weeks you will surely be reaping the benefits.

Practice the beginners’ course each day and you will age as you should in good health and have a sense of well being.