Elafonisi Walk or Boat

Paleochora - Elafonisi Walk


  • Paleochora - Krios Beach (Kondurra) 8km
  • Krios - Elafonissi 10kms


  • 5-6 hours each way

How to get there;

  1. Follow the road to the next village Kondurra until you reach Krios Beach or take a car or taxi to this point.
  2. Head inland following the marked walk -E4- in BLACK AND YELLOW PAINT
  3. Follow the route passing the Chapel of Agios Loannis and keep following the markers and signs until you reach the famous tropical lagoon of Elafonissi with its pink coloured sands.
  4. The Monastery Chrissoskalitissas looks above this beach about 10kms inland.