General Information on New Arrivals for 2020.

All staff have been certified with the covid-19 protocols for tourism. On arrival take all belongings directly to your room or leave outside reception until this is possible. Follow covid-19 protocols listed in the reception . Check-in form can be filled out in your room or before arrival . Leave the filled out form in reception immediately. Large groups can congregate outside offices or in the gardens or bar. Health problems can be reported to reception ; remain in your room until a doctor visits .

ROOM CLEANING - every 2 days. Every second day towels are replaced. Every 4 days linen is changed . Inform reception if your wishes are otherwise . Rooms will be disinfected after check out 

They will be vacant for at least 4 hours before new arrivals can check in . Check out time is 11.00. Check in time 15.00. 

Late Arrival Information

For guests arriving when the offices are closed or unattended. Information will be left in the reception of the villa reserved. At the Candia the sign will be left in the entrance corridor . The room number will be indicated along with directions .

The keys will be in the room .

Check in can be arranged the next day . Any difficulties can be sorted by calling the night watchman after 11pm .

 The number will be listed in the receptions of Marise and Europa .